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Our Financial Planning and Investment Management services

always start and end with you.

We at Fortress Asset Management in Salt Lake City begin the relationship by listening and discussing your lifestyles, goals, wishes, dreams, and family situations. We construct a customized plan to help you accomplish your goals. Our experienced team of professionals evaluate your situation to prepare and implement personal solutions that integrate investment planning, tax reduction strategies, retirement income, distribution planning, and family wealth transfer. We meet with you regularly to review and provide updates. Our schedule of client services and regular communications keep you informed of economic news and appropriate tax law and estate planning rule updates.

We are unique in that we don’t subscribe to the one size fits all approach.

We are Independent Investment Advisors.

We create a customized solution for our clients’ needs. Here at Fortress Asset Management, we strive to be 100% independent, and we use multiple custodians. We have extensive experience working with Business Owners (our optimal clients) who are trying to prepare for a liquidation. We help them create tax efficient ways to exit their business and then we manage the assets after the sale in a way that has been planned out well in advance. Before the sale we build client portfolios around the Private Equity they hold in their current firm, making sure that generally their largest assets are being included in all planning and diversification.

We believe that we serve clients better as a team rather than as single advisors. The individual strengths, knowledge, and experience of each team member are combined to match up with and focus on individual client needs and goals. Our objective is to provide an elevated level of service and better client experience through a team of specialized professionals rather than by a single advisor trying to be everything for every client. Fortress staff members have worked and studied over many years at this firm and other regional and national firms to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully guide and advise clients through the various stages of their lives. Our primary partners have worked together to meet the investment and planning needs of individuals and families for over 15 years.

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   Investment Philosophy  

We believe there's a smarter way to a better future for everyone

Investing. Think Fortress Asset Management in Salt Lake City, UT.

•  We desire to have long-term, mutually positive and beneficial business relationships with our clients.

•  It is important for us to know our clients and understand their goals and aspirations.

•  We are committed to delivering customized investment strategies that are focused on matching client’s financial goals with their appetite/tolerance for risk.

•  We work to manage and grow our clients wealth in a manner that is prudent and consistent with their tolerances for risk and in line with specific and unique situations. 

•  Many advisory firms trace their origins to the insurance industry and may outsource much of their investment process and strategy. Our origin is a results-oriented investment background.

•  Members of our investment committee have over 100 years of collective experience focusing on portfolio construction, investment management and analysis. Our investment committee is composed of a seasoned Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and advisors that have weathered the test of time through good and bad market conditions.

•  Investment portfolios that we construct/craft for clients may include individual stock and bond securities as well mutual funds, ETFs and alternative investments screened, researched and selected by our investment committee.

•  We know that our clients desire regular communication, reporting and responsive service and are we committed to providing it.

•  We strive to work in concert with other trusted professionals to provide seamless advice and management.

Investment Strategy, Economic Commentary, Bond Market Commentary & Analysis
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Mark Johnson
Wealth Advisor / Partner
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Don Wiscomb
Wealth Advisor / Partner
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Brock Bowden
Wealth Advisor / Partner
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Laura Evans
Client Services Manager
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Mark Anderson
Chief Investment Officer / CFA
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